Brrr! It's Cold Out There

Code Blue, Code Blue!

The phrase, “Brr! It's cold out there” doesn’t even begin to describe how ice, cold the wind feels this Monday morning, especially when it hits your bare skin. Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties are under a Code Blue Cold Emergency until Monday at noon; this is based off a review of weather forecasts from the National Weather Service.

If the temperature and wind chill is 20 degrees or below, a Code Blue is called. When a Code Blue is called it means the weather conditions are severe enough to cause serious harm or even death for those individuals without a warm place to go and get inside.

Sunshine will break through Monday afternoon, but the temperature will hang in the 30s; the low of the day is 19 degrees and the high is 35, according to Meteorologist Dave Warren.

Here’s a look at Meteorologist, Dave Warren’s Forecast:

Tuesday and Wednesday:

A storm developing across the southeast will bring in warmer air and some rain. Temperature will continue to warm up Tuesday night and Wednesday with rain developing Tuesday evening and becoming heavy at times on Wednesday. Tuesday's High: 50, Wednesday's high: 60.


The rain will end as cold air moves back into the area. There is a storm which could slow how quickly it dries out so a period of snow is possible. As the snow and rain end it will become windy and cold again.

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