Coates Launching BBQ Smoke Truck

Mark Coates, who recently took over the reins at Fergie's Pub, is about to hang up his apron and trade it in for a Class C license. Coates, who developed a cult-like following with his delicious BBQ at the now-shuttered Bebe's is about to launch Smoke Truck with Carmen Capell of Wishing Well.

"When I closed Bebe's, my next thought was to do a food truck, but I didn't have the money," said Coates. "Now, with Carmen, we're going to roll out what I've always wanted to do. It's going to have a steam table, smokers, and deep-fryers."

As for where the truck will call home, Coates said they are applying for a roving license. "We're going to be moving around," said the Pitmaster, who, when we called was in the middle of smoking bacon sausage. "We just want to get our goods to people all over town and have some fun, and make some damn food."

Coates has already established a Twitter for his new project, so hungry folks can follow the process. Coates said Smoke Truck is about a month or so out from launch, but you can still taste his work at Fergie's, which will be keeping his menu for the foreseeable future. [The Feast]

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