City Hall Renovation Plans a Go

Plans are finally in the works for the ambitious $50,000 over-haul on Dilworth Plaza, directly adjacent to City Hall.

The new space calls for an outdoor cafe, a green space equipped for outdoor performances, a programmable recycled rain water fountain (that converts to an ice-skating rink in the winter) and new glass entrances to the subway.

There will also be plenty of new trees and gardens taking root in the green space and a public art installation residing on the north side, designed by Janet Echelman, which involves a sheet of illuminated dry mist that rises and falls with the movement of the subway. How very mysterious!

Real-time transit and tourist information will also be incorporated into the design, as well as handheld device guides to city hall and the city at large. Construction is slated to begin this September and continue for 27 months.

In the meantime, take a tour with the local off-beat touring company Awfully Nice Tours to take in the regal splendor that is city hall and its surrounding history.

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