Church Lady Gets Life for Killing

Church Lady Mary Jane Fonder committed an ultimate sin by killing her fellow congregant Rhonda Smith and now will have the rest of her life to atone.

Fonder will serve life in prison after being found guilty for the January 23, 2008 murder of Rhonda Smith inside a Bucks County church.

In October Fonder was found guilty of first degree murder in the killing of Smith, who was working at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Springfield Township when she was shot. 

"She was just finishing up her three hour job -- [Fonder] knew to get in there and do away with her like she wanted," said the victim's mother Dorothy Smith.

The motive was jealousy, according to police. Jealousy of the emotional and financial support the 42-year-old Smith was getting from the church and its pastor led Fonder to pull the trigger, said police.

Fonder maintains that she didn't murder Smith. "I didn't do it -- you can't say you're guilty when you're not," said Fonder.

Fonder said she was never jealous and that she is just another victim. 

In court Smith's family read aloud letters that Smith wrote to them before she was killed

Fonder's lawyer told NBC10 that she will not appeal the ruling.

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