Chickie’s & Pete’s Settle ‘Crabby Fries’ Suit

A North Carolina restaurant will be able to keep its name.

Food Phillies 2012 Preview Chickies and Petes Crab Fries
NBC10 - Dan Stamm

Chickie's & Pete's owner Pete Ciarocchi patented the term "crab fries" long before North Carolina eatery Crabby Fries was opened in 2010.

Which is why Ciarocchi felt it appropriate to slap Crabby Fries with a trademark infringement lawsuit in early 2011.

On Tuesday, the lawsuit was settled and although the details of the settlement have not been made public, the long and short of it is, Crabby Fries can remain Crabby Fries. And patrons of the Outer Banks restaurant couldn't be happier.

"Cheers for Crabby Fries and little guys everywhere!" one reader commented in The Outer Banks Voice.

Some Philly friends even got in on the action: 

"I'm Philly born and raised, but I'm glad Crabby Fries got to keep the name. I even bet that Crabby Fries is better than Chickie's and Pete's. Applauding you from up North!

In addition to Crabby Fries, Chickie's & Pete's also sued a Maryland pizza shop over their menu item, Maryland Crab Fries, last year.

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