Chef's Mom Cooking at Mémé 6/15

Dave Katz' momma is coming to cook a special family dinner at Mémé on June 15, and we're all invited. For $45, diners will be served a massive Moroccan comfort feast prepared by the woman who inspired Katz' career, and is the namesake of his Spruce Street eatery. Seatings will be at 6 P.M. and 8:30 P.M., and all guests will be placed at one of two very long tables, creating a more family-like atmosphere. So, play nice or no one gets any damn dessert.

Sultana Katz, known in the states as Suzanne, is developing the menu as we write this, but Katz said there are a few dishes that are definitely making an appearance. "She's making the food I grew up on, and right now we're on her time," joked Katz.

Mémé the chef is making baked fish with lemon juice and tomatoes, meat cigars wrapped in phyllo dough, lamb tagine with honey and apricots, cous cous with golden raisins, and a Moroccan potato dish. Mémé the restaurant will be B.Y.O.B. for the night, allowing for maximum mirth-making. There will be special $5 glasses of Moroccan wine available for those who don't tote their own. Reservations for the dinner must be made by calling the restaurant, and make sure you wash your hands before coming to the table. [The Feast]

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