Chef Hubert Keller on The Turntables

While French superchef Hubert Keller is typically associated with his elegant fine-dining fare and $5,000 burgers, the white-ponytailed chef has another passion we'd like to bring to light—he spins techno like a mofo.

The San Francisco and Las Vegas-based toque was schooled by his DJ pal Frenchy le Freak, and now occasionally gets to spin at SF beat temples Supperclub and Ruby Skye, which is near his flagship restaurant Fleur de Lys. "I usually play the same range of music as electronica [and] house—with some pretty cool beats," he says. In this clip—shot at a Bon Appétit Vegas Uncork'd after-party at his Mandalay Bay restaurant, Fleur—Keller flaunts his particular brand of dance move (elbow-flapping = The Hubert) and drops the uns uns uns beats. [The Feast]

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