Cheap Chica’s Guide: Get Organized, Get Cash


According to Organizing Expert Sara Long, you can save money just by "clearing the clutter".  Here are some ways in which getting organized can actually help you find extra funds.

1. Avoid late fees. If you paperwork is in order and you have a reliable schedule for paying bills, you will reduce late fees. You may even get a better view of where your money is going and how to save a bit here and there.

2. Discover gift cards and certificates. While clearing up your files, dressers, and closets, you may find forgotten gift cards and gift certificates. Use them for your daily needs or for upcoming holiday gifts.

3. Find items to return. If you are cleaning out closets and storage rooms, see if you find any unwanted items that you recently bought that still have tags and/or receipts with them. Return these items to the stores for extra money, or use store credit for holiday gift purchases.

4. Unearth items to sell. While clearing out the clutter, you may find older items that you don’t really need. Consider selling them on eBay or Craig’s List or consigning them at your local thrift shop.

5. Prevent buying things twice. Often while you’re organizing, you will come across items that you forgot you had bought. Maybe you already bought a second one (which you can return or sell), or you were just about to buy a second one. It’s a great feeling when you’ve found something, because you’ve saved the money you would have spent buying it again!

6. Rack up tax deductions. Donating items to thrift shops can give you more tax deductions. You can get a receipt from the donation center. If you get a receipt or not, remember to keep a list of what you donate and their estimated fair market values. It adds up!

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