Cheap Chica's Guide: Back To School Shopping Tips

Resist The Urge To Shop: Most kids head back to school in early September when they can still get away with wearing Summer clothes. So this year, don’t fall victim to ads, commercials and pressure from your kids to shop right away. If you hold off until October to do the bulk of your shopping, you can save a bundle on those Fall fashions!

Set a budget — with help from your kids! Engage your kids in the budget talks so they understand how much they have to spend and why before you go shopping. Once they know their budget, have them make an itemized list that prioritizes the items they want. This will help keep them focused once you’re in the store and keep you from having to say “no” all day long!

Like the Coupon Diva says, "don’t forget the coupons!": Before you head to the mall, make sure you’ve done your research! Check the weekend circular, look online and know your sales so you can take advantage of the biggest discounts.

Skip the brand names! Kids are conctantly growing so spending money on a pricey designer item is a bad investment. To get that same designer-look, shop at stores likeH&M and Target which carry the latest fashion forward styles at a fraction of the cost!

Sell and Shop: Ask your kids to get rid of all the clothes they no long want and then take them to a re-sale shop like Plato’s Closet, that specializes in ‘tween and teen fashion, to sell their used items. Plato’s is full of brand name clothes that your kids will love and since they made money on their clothing trade-in, you can let them buy whatever they want without depleting their Back To School budget!

Neighborhood Swap: If you live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, organize a clothing swap to help yourself and other parents save money on Back to School shopping. You can use it as an opportunity to meet new people and to get some free clothes for your kids!

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