Center City Condos at Bargain-Bin Prices

Bidding will start at the affordable price of $249K

Some of the hottest new condos in Center City are on the auction block today, but if you want in on the deal you need to be prepared.

Some units in the 43-story Murano Condominiums at 2101 Market St. will be sold to the highest bidder on Saturday, June 27.  Bidding for each of the 40 available units will start at the affordable price of $249,000.

The 178-unit Murano was completed last year, but not all the units were sold.  Now the remaining properties are expected to sell for as little as 50 percent of their original posting price, according to

If you want to bid at auction on a condo, pre-register at the condo auction web site.

There is no entry cost for the auction, but bidders must come prepared if they plan on taking home a new home.

To get in the bidding room, interested buyers must bring a certified check for $10,000 made out to yourself and a blank personal check.  If your winning bid is accepted you will need to put down 10 percent of the price on the spot; the blank check covers whatever the $10,000 check doesn't.

Happy bidding potential home buyers.

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