Woman Apologizes for Attacking Clerk Over $20 Bill

A Claymont woman was arrested for punching a gas station clerk in the face and holding a pair of scissors to his throat in a dispute over how much money she had given him.

Manoj Moda, the clerk at the Country Farms on West Newport Pike, told police that Vickie Gambrell, 53, asked for $20 of gas, but only gave him a $1 bill. The clerk said the Grambrell, certain that she had given him a $20 bill, screamed at him when he refused to give her the $20 back.

“I thought he was trying to take my $20 bill and I wanted my change back.  He said ‘I didn’t have it’ and he looked like he was lying so I just got mad and flew off the handle,” said Gambrell.

Then police said the Gambrell stormed behind the counter, punched the clerk in the face and held scissors to his throat. At that point, he gave the woman two $10 bills.

As Gambrell drove away, police said she found the $20 bill in her purse and returned to the gas station. Police said she was arrested and charged with offensive touching and aggravated menacing.

“I’m sorry it was just a bad mistake I have a clean record and never been in trouble in my life and it was just a bad mistake. I just lost my cool because here I don’t have any money. I am very embarrassed. I am so embarrassed,” said Gambrell.

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