Car-Crash Fees Come to Screeching Halt?

One Wildwood commissioner wants to put the brakes on those controversial car-crash fees. 

Since 2007, motorists involved in accidents on the island incur some additional bills.  And hope for a fender-bender.  If fluid spills onto the road, you’ll be forking over $750.  If you have to be cut from your car, think more along the lines of $2,500.  And this is on top of any medical and towing expenses.

Commissioner Gary S. DeMarzo wants this to come to a screeching halt.

“I don’t think it’s fair.  If you’re touting a full-service community and your tax base will reflect that with a paid fire and paid police, you have an expectation that’s what you’ll get in return,” DeMarzo told The Press of Atlantic City.

Rather than add insult to injury with additional fees, Wildwood should look to cut costs, he said.

But, Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano said people are complaining about high taxes, so this is a solution.

Commissioner William Davenport is also in favor of the fees saying they offset costs.

The car-crash fees have become controversial, but more towns have started to charge.

Linwood charges $250 to clean-up spilled fluids.  Northfield charges $75, while Atlantic City charges $75.

But, the fees were sideswiped in Ocean City when officials feared the bills would negatively impact tourism. 

Pennsylvania has placed restrictions on these types of fees, disallowing emergency crews to charge for responding to an accident.

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