Cantina Los Caballitos

The bright orange paint on the outside of Cantina Los Caballitos demands your attention as you pass by on the street. In nice weather, a slew of tables are set up outside, usually with a big crowd. The interior has the same loud orange color and high arches. Opt for the outside tables if you can; this is a quieter, prettier place to sit and relax than tables along Chestnut or Walnut.

First are the cocktails. Los Caballitos has excellent, cheap (and strong) Mojitos and Margaritas ($5.50/$2 Margaritas for happy hour). There are also snacks available to quench your thirst: Camarones al ajillo (garlic shrimp, $9) and the delicious platanos machos (fried plantains, $6).

The menu offers something for everyone, and though the entr�e portion can be a bit pricey, the real steal are the large appetizers: Tacos, empenadas, quesadillas, and burritos. The chicken tacos ($9) are large, soft, and stuffed with a nice amount of seasoned, grilled chicken. The Mahi Mahi Tacos are also good ($11), and check out the excellent Empenadas, which come in a pair of two, baked with juicy ground beef and served with tomato sauce, qucso blanco, and sour cream. Sides of cheese, pico de gallo, or jalepenos can be added to any of the dishes for an extra 50 cents.

Los Caballitos has some unique desert choices like the chocolate banana empenada ($6)—sliced bananas blended in a mixture of caramel, brown sugar, tequila, and chocolate, then fried in the traditional empenada fashion and topped with powdered sugar. Think of it as a chocolate banana funnel cake. The pastel de chocolate ($6) is also very popular, a traditional bittersweet chocolate mousse flavored with arbol chiles for some unexpected kick.

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1651 E Passyunk Ave

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