Brotherly Love “Bacon” on Friday

Movie star Kevin Bacon is "bacon" up something for Philly music fans this week.

Most Philadelphians know Bacon from the big screen. And most probably know how proud he is of his Philadelphia heritage. But, did you know he's a rock star?

That's right, he and his brother, Michael, make up the Bacon Brothers band.

Kevin Bacon has a brother?!

Yup, and Michael Bacon is a reputable composer. In fact, he has composed songs for more than 50 projects (mostly TV shows and mini-series'), according to IMDB.

Michael and Kevin have been making music together since they were kids in Philly but in 1995, they made it official and began to play as the Bacon Brothers.

Almost 15 years later, the City of Brotherly Love is still a major priority for their performances. 

And they're bringing their rootsy-rock back to their hometown on Friday.

"Footloose" showed us that Kevin can dance. Friday will show you that he and his big bro can rock.

The Bacon Brothers are set to play this week's Live at the World Cafe’s Free at Noon Concert.

Tickets for the small intimate performance are sold out. But don't worry. The Bacon Brothers will serenade fans not only in person but also over the radio on WXPN 88.5.

Just tune in to see what's "Bacon" (sorry, had to do it).


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