Brooke Dillon: Philly's Newest Fashionista

The Katacomb: Vintage offers one-of-a-kind designer vintage

To say that Brooke Dillon is a teacher turned boutique owner is a gross understatement, maybe even an insult.

Yes, it’s true, Dillon does have a master’s degree in education and yes, until recently, she taught in the Lower Merion School District, but her passion for clothing has always been.

And her talent for finding one-of-a-kind designer vintage is enviable.

Thankfully, woman of Philadelphia can now take advantage of that talent. Dillon recently opened a boutique, The Katacomb: Vintage featuring designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Prada, YSL, Christian Dior and Valentino as well as cost-friendly labels like Rebel Yell and American Apparel.

“I have anything from the 50s up until now. I travel all over the world to find different stuff. “

But if you didn’t know about The Katacomb, you wouldn’t even know it was there.

With barely a sign to differentiate the business from a home, the appointment only boutique occupies a townhouse on 15th and Pine.  However, one foot inside The Katacomb and you’ll know you’re in a very special place full of beautiful clothes, accessories and more.

From a gorgeous, never worn vintage Chanel suit to Nina Ricci shades to a beautifully-kept  1970’s Gucci clutch, Dillon’s got it all.

And she can do it all as well.

Between her scowering the globe – she travels two weeks out of every month – to add to her Philadelphia collection and running her business, Dillon is also in the process of launching her own line which will include real and faux fur jackets complete with the vintage silk lining of your choice.

Think of this fashion extraordinaire your personal designer, shopper and stylist. When you’re in The Katacomb: Vintage, it’s all about you, the client.

“When you’re here, I look at your body type and take your measurements (if you don’t mind) and I’ll keep a private record, so that way I’ll know if I find something I think you’d like while I’m traveling, I’ll grab it. And with these records I’ll be able to run through my collection and know what will look best on you.”

Sounds like heaven, right?

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