Boy, 7, Rejected From Library

Little 7-year-old Dominick Philip of Tatamy may never go to a library again, not because he got a Wii or because he hates to read, but because a mean, nasty library employee told him he can never go to the library again.

“He was crying and saying he was never going to the library again…He just didn’t understand what he did wrong,” Melissa Philips, Dominick’s mom told the Express-Times.

Dominick used to go to the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity to enjoy the books and activities, until one day a Morning Call photographer visited the library to take photos of the kids for the paper.

And it was Dominick’s lucky day—he got his picture in the Allentown paper. But, his hometown was printed, too.

So, what did one employee do? He or she obviously had way too much time on his or her hands, researched Dominick’s address and found Tatamy is served by the Easton Area Public Library. Then the employee left a message revoking Dominick's library privileges on the family’s answering machine.

“As a parent, it just makes you upset…It’s a little over the top,” Melissa said.

Come on Memorial Library. What gives? The poor kid just wanted to go to your library to read and enjoy books (which not many other 7-year-olds could say)!

Give the kid his card for crying out loud.

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