Booo Slinky!

Fans attending the Sixers opener got quite the psychedelic/euro-drum-and-bass performance during halftime.

The Human Slinky took to the hard court to amuse and annoy (there are some definite boos out there) Sixers fans. The whole performance seems sophomoric and just strange at times.

As odd as the Human Slinky looks it has performed all over it seems, according to the

One place where the Human Slinky wasn't well received was NBC's America's Got Talent where it struck out, literally.

It seemed a lot better received and professional looking at Creighton University.

The Human slinky has even hit the local blogosphere where the guys over at are questioning if this thing does dance steps.

Since there are no more Broad Street Beefcakes maybe this is the best the Sixers people could find.

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