Bobby Flay Gives Up His Burger Secrets

Cheffy Superstar Bobby Flay cut the ribbon on another outpost of his mega-popular Bobby's Burger Palace yesterday, this time in Cherry Hill, NJ. We sat down with the chef to discuss what the secret to making a great burger truly is.

"People take burger cooking for granted," said Flay. "It's a lot more complicated than you think, and deserves the proper attention."

Flay's burgers all come "crunchified," which means they throw some chips on the burger to add some contrasting texture to the beefy beast.

"Adding a good amount of salt and pepper to the raw burger adds a nice crust to the meat," said Flay. "And never, ever, push down on your burger. It dries it out and basically ruins the patty."

The menu has all different varieties of toppings, but we were big fans of the old school cheeseburger, which had two thick slices of cheddar fully melted, enveloping the entire patty. Check out the video above for more tips from the grill master. [The Feast]

Photo Credit: Max Tubman

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