Beverly Hills 90210, Live!

Imagine a world where 90s drama “Beverly Hills 90210” wasn’t just a TV show. Instead, it was a theatrical event with real people acting out life-changing situations right before your very eyes.

It turns out, you wouldn’t be the first to imagine such a thing.

Philadelphia’s Bitter Cocktail Productions has actually made the show into “Beverly Hills 90210, Live!” an on-stage event that will be performed just once, on February 7.

Bitter Cocktail’s JJ Ortega and Damian Bellino took two “90210” episodes, and transformed them into stage-ready productions—with, um, guys in drag playing your favorite female parts.

It’s the follow-up to Bitter Cocktail’s “Full House, Live!” that they performed in 2007.

Catch the show Saturday, Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. at the Latvian Society (531 N. 7th St.). Reserve tickets by emailing

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