Philly's Best Pizza

Fall is officially here, and with the beginning of the season comes one of Philly’s favorite holidays: Oktoberfest. No, we’re not trying to claim that pizza is a German food. But it does mesh well with Oktoberfest’s drink of choice: beer.

Check out the list below, so when you’re craving the perfect pie to soak up a little of that hefeweizen you downed at the Armory, you know where to go.

Philadelphia Magazine: Marra’s
1734 E. Passyunk Ave.
Phillymag skipped all the pretence and headed straight for South Philly with its choice of Marra’s as the best pizzeria in the city—and there’s not enough we can say about this iconic Passyunk Avenue Italian joint. The cheese is always melted to perfection (and you can tell it’s not that fake, plastic-like substance you risk at some of the city’s other pizza spots), and the sauce is flavorful but not too sweet. In short: Yum. Mama Palma
2229 Spruce St.
Mama Palma takes the concept of corner pizzeria and kicks it up a notch—or two or three. This is not your average pizza joint. Need proof? Menu options include Cajun shrimp pizza, veal sausage and Brie pizza and Peking duck pizza, to name just a few. This kind of outside-of-the-pie thinking is what put Mama Palma on the map, but the fact that they can make a heck of a cheese pie, too, is what keeps it there.

AOL City’s Best: Tacconellis
2604 E. Somerset St.
If thin-crust is your pie of choice, Tacconelli’s is the answer to your pizza prayers. The Northeast Philly institution achieves a delicate balance of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings that’s just right—which, we assure you, is not an easy feat. Tacconelli’s is so popular among those in the know that the owners recommend calling 24 hours in advance to reserve your dough.

Around Town pick: Gusto
240 S. 22nd St.
Tucked away on a mostly residential street in West Rittenhouse Square, Gusto can be easy to miss. But if a satisfying, made-to-order pie with fresh toppings what you crave, do not make the mistake of walking past. Unexpected topping choices include eggplant, olives, roasted peppers and Portobello mushrooms. Eating alone? A Gusto small pie (which starts at just $5.80!) is the perfect dinner-for-one size—with just enough left over for a cold pizza breakfast the next morning.

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