Philly's Best Seafood

No one will argue that there are more than a few restaurants in Philadelphia with a good fish dish or two on their menus. But when asked about great seafood restaurants in the city, well, even the biggest foodies have to think about it for awhile before supplying an answer.

Until now, that is. Check out the list below, so next time you're looking to satisfy a from-the-sea craving, you know where to go.

AOL City’s Best: DiNardo’s 
312 Race St.
Any restaurant that’s been around for decades must be doing something right. AOL called out the Old City crab shack as its top pick for seafood, but it’s also a nine-time Best of Philly award winner—and we totally get it. The crabs (this is the place in Philadelphia to seek out spicy blue claws) are flown into the city daily from the Gulf Coast, which means they’re available (and fresh) year round. In addition to the crabs, DiNardo’s offers what you’d expect: crab cakes, raw bar offerings, shrimp, lots of fried fish. Whatever you do, don’t come here expecting to make a clean escape: order the hard-shells, and you’ll be going at ‘em in the traditional way—with a mallet.

MyFoxPhilly: Manny’s Place
Three area locations
The Web site address for Manny’s Place doesn’t lie: Here, it’s all about the crab cakes. They come broiled, fried or in nugget form—but no matter how you order them, they won’t disappoint. Don't overlook the creative sandwich offerings, however, or the sides (think along the lines of lobster mased potatoes. Yum). Manny’s is a down-to-earth, family establishment, with a menu full of options that will satisfy kids and food snobs alike—and its three locations make getting your fresh-from-the-sea kick a snap, no matter where you live or work.

Citysearch: Upstairs at Varalli
231 S. Broad St., second floor
Above Sotto Varalli, Upstairs is a frequent dining destination for those taking in a performance at the Kimmel Center, Forest Theater or Academy of Music. Seafood is the focal point here, and it’s artfully prepared in appealing ways. The sea scallops (served with blue crab and wild mushroom risotto, and arugula vinaigrette) are a standout, as is the seafood risotto, which doesn’t skimp on the lobster, shrimp, scallops, crab, baby clams and mussels it’s billed as featuring. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a martini—the bar’s offerings downstairs are just as tasty as the entrées.

Around Town pick: Little Fish
600 Catherine St.
The flavor is huge at Little Fish, Bella Vista’s pint-sized BYOB. The seafood here is artfully and creatively served up in unexpected ways (calamari—not fried—with Sicilian ragout and pastina; mussels in a Thai coconut curry-like sauce). Even the oysters are a treat—so good, we’re told, that they’ve successfully created more than a few converts for the shelled creatures. It’s a well-known fact amongst Philly’s foodies that the skate (served with truffled spaetzle, parmesan broth and melted leeks) is the entrée to order here. But don’t overlook the mahi mahi (with sweet potato puree, madras curry, pear and watercress) or the escolar (with celriac, pearl onion, English peas, oyster mushroom and roasted chicken jus).

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