Beer Lass' Brew Released this Weekend

Friend of The Feast Suzanne "Beer Lass" Woods will be releasing her very own brew at Iron Hill Maple Shade with her brewer boyfriend Chris LaPierre on Saturday at noon. The beer is a Saison, the French farmhouse style, with a healthy does of peppercorns, since Woods is enamored with the pastel-colored spice, and finds herself collecting pepper grinders to feed the obsession.

Woods was integral in the brewing, instead of merely being a spectator during the process.

"Chris made me mill, do the mash-in, and even remove the spent grains," said Woods. "And now I understand when he wants to hit the sack at 9:30, and I am A-OK with it."

LaPierre added extra flavor to the beer by "dry peppercorning" this past week, using a technique that is normally reserved for emphasizing hop flavors and aromatics. We can't think of a better reason to take a ride over the bridge for a wonderfully unique beer just in time for summer. [The Feast]

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