Be a 10 in 10 Weeks: Take a Peak

Follow along or jump right in! We challenged four crazy-busy people to "Be a 10 in 10 Weeks." With the help of a personal trainer, they can exercise and eat their way to a better body and better life. Hey, so can you! Meet the two men and two women who are brave enough to bare everything from inches to insecurities.

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If Q102's Nicole Michalik's name sounds familiar it's because she was on season four of The Biggest Loser and dropped more than 100 pounds. She's one of the four people who agreed to take the "Be a 10 in 10 Weeks" challenge. You can track their progress or jump right in and take the challenge too!
Jessica Putnam
Hughe Dillon wants to lose at least 50 pounds. He's a paralegal by day, but you probably know him from his moonlighting gig. He's the one-man-band behind
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Megan R. Smith (left) is an entrepreneur who runs her own public relations company, Brownstone PR. She's ready to ditch her yo-yo dieting days and an extra 25 pounds.
Joe Matthews
Joe Matthews wants to lose the last, stubborn 10. He's a fashion model and owns Matthews Interior Design.
Nicole Michalik
Our four "Be a 10" challengers have weight loss goals and personal development goals. Nicole Michalik has already lost more than 100 pounds.
Nicole Michalik/The Biggest Loser
It was anything but easy, but she'll be the first to tell you that it's worth every bit of hard work and consistency, even on the days when it feels like you're pumping more anguish than iron.
Nicole Michalik/The Biggest Loser
Just look at the payoff! Nicole will spend her 10 weeks trying to lose 20 more pounds.
Hughe kept his day job when he launched his own Web site, He blogs and photographs local celebrities.
It's kinda cool. Hughe gets to hang with the who's who of Philadelphia -- people like Governor Ed Rendell. But with two jobs, he's time-starved, hasn't been exercising and weighs nearly 300 pounds.
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Hughe's sister was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and asked him to take better care of his health and lose some weight. He'll be happy if he loses 50 pounds and ecstatic if he can drop 80.
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Yeah, we said the same thing, "What's up with that guy?! He doesn't need to lose weight!" For Joe Matthews, it isn't about what the bathroom scale says as much as it is about how he looks and feels.
Joe Matthews
Matthews runs his own interior design company and is a fashion model. He wants to turn 10 pounds of fat into 10 pounds of solid muscle.
Joe Matthews
We'll toast to that one too, Joe!
Megan Smith
Megan R. Smith wants to lose 25 pounds. She is a busy businesswoman who never met a piece of candy she didn't like and says leafy green things are not her friends. But she's tired of yo-yo dieting and hopes to make some serious menu makeovers in the next 10 weeks.
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Nicole gets her hands on something sweet at the Happiest Place on Earth.
Nicole Michalik
The princesses are ready to find their prince.
Nicole and her friends take EPCOT at Walt Disney World by storm.
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Hughe Dillion is looking great five weeks into the competition.
Here's Joe Matthews at the week five weigh in.
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Megan Smith hits the mid-point.
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How does our Biggest Loser Nicole Michalik look? Here she is at the mid-point of our challenge.
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