Bar Crawl Celebrates 75 Years of Beer Cans

Celebrate the 75th birthday of the beer can with a bar crawl Sunday afternoon.

Sly Fox, one of the first breweries to push canned beer, is holding an event to recognize International Beer Can Day, City Paper reported.

It begins with brunch at 1 p.m. at Jose Pistola's, followed by canned beer at Varga Bar.

Then at 3:30 p.m., it's off to Tria at 12th and Spruce where Sly Fox's Dunkel cans will be available for $2.50 a piece -- a $2 discount -- as part of Sunday School.

And the celebration wraps up at Tria's 18th and Sansom location.

What better way to celebrate Maxim naming Philly Best Beer Town?

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