Band Mix Up at KFN

In a clear reflection of the downside of the shared information approach between most blogs and social media outlets, Kung Fu Necktie had a live show last night with fun local nutjobs Sweatheart, but at least one major listings service was convinced the band in question was California's Sweetheart, a poppy, emo ensemble.

Making things even more befuddling, the confusion between the two bands ran just about 50-50, internet-wide, with Sweetheart's own website listing the KFN gig. Whomever the confused listings editor is at the bottom of this, they're not alone: A Twitter search on the term "Sweatheart" offers many, many more examples of individuals who are equally misguided.

You can certainly understand where the confusion comes. A google search this morning reveals a results page that pretty much says it all. It's just unfortunate for fans of both bands that their sound is so far apart: Sweetheart has earnest songs with titles such as "Violets Are Blue" and "We Are All Connected"; Sweatheart's biggest hit to date is "Finger Bangin'" (NSFW). Suffice it to say, if you were going to KFN thinking it was either band and you got the other one instead, you'd be pretty disappointed.

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