Bags Packed and No Where to Go

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Police confiscate business and banking records.

New Development: Police confiscated business and banking records from the female travel agent at Logos Travel agency. Now they're going through mounds of paperwork to figure out what happened to the thousands of dollars local customers say they paid for airline tickets they never got.


Dozens of people say they paid thousands of dollars for round trip tickets to India. But, instead of getting their tickets, they say the woman who took their money, is now giving them the run around.

"When did you buy your tickets?” NBC 10 Investigator, Harry Hairston, asked Chandra Patel
“August 20th and I paid $1, 050."

Rajendra Patel says he bought his tickets back in May to catch a Christmas Eve flight. Now, he fears he's out a ton of cash: almost $15,000 bucks. But, right now, the money he says the money is second in comparison to the reason Patel and his family need to get to India on time. His nephew is getting married.

Patel says the woman from the agency promised every two weeks she would have their tickets.  But each time Patel and others arrived at the agency there were no tickets.

“…We keep visiting here until today, we don't get tickets,” Patel said.

Reddy Anumula dropped $3,000 on two tickets.

"When did you buy your tickets?” Hairston asked Anumula. “On October 10th, I paid on October 10th."

The owner of Logos Travel Agency, Rajarantnam Arasu, blames the problem on that female employee.

"We've been here more than 30 years this has happened because of an employee and i'm trying to resolve it to the satisfaction of the customers," Arasu told Hairston.

He’s not sure if the employee made a mistake or deliberately did something wrong. But, she’s been missing for a week. And, the NBC 10 Investigators found over a dozen complaints about that same employee online.

Police say they are investigating. The better business bureau says the agency is on their radar as well.

In the meantime, would-be travelers are losing hope. An attorney for the agency says his client is cooperating with police and believes his client is a victim as well. No one from the agency has been charged with a crime.

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