Baggage Truck Crashes Through Airport Terminal Window

The driver of a baggage truck was injured after his vehicle crashed into the window of a terminal at Philadelphia International Airport.

SkyForce10 was live over the scene Thursday evening just after a baggage vehicle crashed through the window of US Airways Terminal F, Gate 6 filling it with smoke, spilling coolant and alarming travelers, according to witness Brian Bulack, who was in the terminal at the time of the accident.

"As we were exiting back to the baggage claim in Terminal F, a baggage vehicle crashed through the window and spilled coolant all over, so they wouldn't let anybody go out of the exit that way," Bulack told NBC10. "They diverted everyone around and we had to take shuttles to other terminals.

Fire crews responded to the crash and the driver of the car, a 38-year-old US Airways employee, was taken to Methodist Hospital for minor injuries, according to officials.

A TSA agent who was near the gate at the time of the accident says that the driver screamed, " The brakes went out!" as he was being pulled from the luggage vehicle.

The accident is under investigation.

No flights have been delayed or cancelled, however, eight gates were closed for a time as crews cleaned up the accident, according to spokesperson for the airline. Two of those gates remain closed.

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