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The start of school is just around the corner and that means back to school shopping. Supplies always rack up a hefty bill, but we have a back to school checklist that features great bargains that won’t break the bank.

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The start of school is just around the corner and that means back to school shopping. Supplies always rack up a hefty bill but we have a back to school checklist that features great bargains that won’t break the bank.
You’re going to need to get a sturdy backpack to carry all those school supplies used to fill up your desk. Check out Pathmark for great deals on backpacks, their Green Way Backpack only costs $4.99.
Binders are great tools to help you or the kids stay organized. And why not buy a couple when they are this affordable? Pathmark is selling two for $3 one-inch Acco binders and Wegman’s has two for $3 one-inch binders too.
If you are looking to burn some CDs or DVDs check out Pathmark’s 30 percent off deal on blank CDs and DVDs.
Don’t spend all that time measuring, cutting, and taping together a book cover for ten different schoolbooks. At Pathmark book covers are just $0.99.
If you are looking for a basic calculator to do simple math CVS has CVS brand pocket calculators for $3.49, not too bad!
Keep the kids busy on the sidewalk for hours with a 12-pack of Crayola Chalk from Wegman’s for just 99 cents.
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Grab a 24-pack of Crayola colored pencils at Kmart for just $1.99.
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Dividers are great to use in binders to keep you even more organized by dividing classes or subjects. Head to Pathmark and get some Avery insert-able tab dividers for 79 cents.
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Heading off to college this year? You’ll want to stock up on some mini storage crates for those tiny dorm rooms. You can get two for $3 at Pathmark.
Dry erase boards are great to hang on your dorm room door for friends to write on. For $4.99 at Wegman’s you can buy the Board Dudes dry-erase magnetic board.
And what good would a dry erase board be without some dry erase markers? Get a four pack of Expo dry erase markers at Wegman’s for $3.49.
Make it look like you never make mistakes by buying a six-pack of Pink Pearl Erasers for just $1.50 at Target.
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Folders always come in handy for loose-leaf papers, tests, and projects. Acme has great deals for folders, just $1 for 10!
Kids always have crazy craft projects so you’ll need to stock up on some glue. Walgreen’s has the best deal on liquid glue--you can grab two Penway all-purpose glues for just a dollar.
Kids tend to get really messy so stick glue is usually a better option. Head to Pathmark and grab a three pack of Elmer’s for 99 cents.
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Highlighters are great to use to study for tests and picking out main points. Go to Wegman’s and grab a six-pack of Paper Mate highlighters, they are just two for $3.
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Save the planet and switch to using lunchboxes instead of paper bags for your mid-day meal. Genaurdi’s sells Igloo lunch boxes for $6.99.
Grab a pack of mechanical pencils at Acme. A ten-pack of Paper-Mate mechanical pencils is just two for $1.
If you are looking for some notebooks for classes you can get four for just a dollar at Acme.
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To keep your belongings safe in your gym or school locker go to Wegman’s for a Master Lock Combination Padlock for just $4.59.
For paper, go to Staples, their college-ruled filler paper is just one cent. And if you are looking for some colorful paper for a project or craft then Wal-Mart has Rose Art Construction Paper (88 sheets) for just two bucks.
With some tests you are required to use No. 2 pencils. You can get 10 packs of Color Art No. 2 pencils for just three for 99 cents at Pathmark.
Keep that desk or cubby organized with pencil boxes. Store your pencils, pens, markers, and erasers in a Stuff Management pencil case for 69 cents from Walgreen’s.
Need some fillers for that new pencil case? At Acme you can get a two for $1 deal on 10-packs of Bic pens.
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Post-it notes are great for reminders and studying. At Wegman’s you can get 200 count Post-it notes for $2.69 a pack.
If you are looking for rulers and protractors for math class head to Walgreen’s where they have Penway Megaflex rulers for 29 cents.
Cut it out with six-inch Microban scissors at Target for $1.50.
Sharpie pens are perfect to use when writing on your new Post-It notes. Wegman's is selling Sharpie pens for $1.99 a pack.
Watch your kids creative side come out when you buy them a Crayola sketchbook from Wegman's for just $1.99.
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Save all of your files and papers onto a Duracell memory stick for just $6.99 at Acme.
Wite Out is great to use when you find a mistake on your paper and don't have enough time to print out a new one. At Pathmark, Bic Wite Out is just 99 cents.
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