Baby Efficiency With Bibs & Match

BIBS AND MATCH: If you’re a parent, you have enough to worry about already, so bibs shouldn’t be one of the things on your list.  The onesie-bib hybrid from Bibs&Match boasts bibs that attach directly to the onesie via snaps so you don’t have to worry about putting one on each time junior wants to eat.  They also detach easily so you can change them into a new one in case they make a big baby mess!  $28 available at

BEYOND A TEE: Not all T-shirts are created equal and the Play collection from Comme des Garcons are worth spending the extra bucks on!  These tee's have been a huge hit in the fashion world and their playful graphics are sure to get you noticed! Black Heart Tee, $110 available at Joan Shepp, 1616 Walnut Street215.735.2666

GIFT OF RADIANCE: When you work so hard on your body at the gym, you should give your body some serious TLC in the shower and a luxurious bar soap from Pangea Organics is the perfect way to do it.  These all natural bars are chock full of ingredients that sound good enough to eat.  Best yet? This little body treat will only cost you $8.00! Available online at at Pangea Organics

HABIT FORMING: If you know anything about fashion, you know that right now, everything that once was old is new again!  So to find the best in vintage and vintage-inspired fashions, you have to visit  This little blog just happens to belong to the owner of Third Street Habit who knows a thing or two about fashion. Visit or stop into Third Street Habit, 153 North 3rd Street, 215.925.5455

HANDS FREE: Who wants to carry a purse when they work out! But if you need to carry your keys, ID, and cards, what’s a girl to do? Well Jupiter Freedom “armbags” have come to the rescue. Their bags are just big enough to fit all your essentials and you wear them on your upper arm or thigh so they don’t get in the way when you’re breaking a sweat!  Midnight Stars Bag, $49.99, available at

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