April Fools! Pennsylvania Couple Pranks Postman With Extra Long Letter

A Pennsylvania couple pranked their mailman on April Fools' Day by leaving an extra-long letter sticking out of the mail slot on their front door.

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Billy Kelly
Billy Kelly
The self-described family-friendly comedian and his wife started the prank with paper and a stamp.
Billy Kelly
Bill Kelly and his wife used a piece of paper several feet long that they folded over to look like an envelope.
Billy Kelly
Kelly's wife Jackie helped in the process.
Billy Kelly
They placed the edge of the letter out the mail slot,
Billy Kelly
and watching from a strategically parked car.
Billy Kelly
They waited for the mailman to grab it from the mail slot and laughed as he pulled several feet of it from the door of their Lewisburg home on Saturday.
Billy Kelly
The couple addressed it to "A.P. Rilfools" and, in case the postman didn't figure it out right away, wrote "April Fools!" in big letters on the other end of the fake envelope.
Billy Kelly
Kelly says mailman Todd Smith laughed quite a lot at the prank and even reached out to Kelly on Facebook to say he loves comedy.
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