Apparently, There's an Art to Cutting Meat

Round one of the National Meat Cutting Challenge

People won't be skating or playing hockey at the Ice Works Skating Complex in Aston, Pa -- not unless they want to maneuver around an obstacle course of guys with knives and slabs of meat. Because on Tuesday, Sept. 14,  the ice rink will be the setting of the first round of the National Meat Cutting Challenge.

10 meat cutters from Texas Roadhouse restaurants in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland will compete for two spots in the semifinals in February, which could potentially lead to participating in the national championship and winning $20,000.

Each contestant will be given 30 to 40 pounds of raw meat -- mmm, tasty -- and will be judged on speed, quality and yield. Basically, who can cut the best piece of meat the fastest.

The event begins at 9:30 a.m. -- all you carnivores out there, you don't want to miss it.

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