Apothecary Bar + Lounge: What the Doctor Ordered

For those Philadelphians bored to death with the same old appletini or rum and coke, which is likely to cause hangovers and drink remorse the next morning, perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With unique drinks consisting of exotic and organic ingredients and liquors, Apothecary Bar + Lounge is just what the doctor ordered.

This brand new establishment, situated on 13th Street between Samson and Chestnut, has the look of a very polished and chic bar and lounge. The interior is dimly lit, decorated with tealight candles throughout. There are two bars on two floors, and the second floor opens to a beautiful outside seating area, which overlooks 13th Street.

The drinks are as polished as the atmosphere and decor of Apothecary. The “dermis fantasticus” ($13) is a wonderfully refreshing summer concoction, made with a base of English cucumber puree, then mixed with Aloe vera (yes…Aloe vera), organic agave nectar, and domaine de canton, which is a premium delicious ginger liquor. If your looking for something a bit sweeter, try the champagne cobbler ($14), made with champagne, creole curacao, lemon bitter, then topped with seasonal berries and a dusting of powdered sugar. The drink is sweet and strong without being overpowering, a complete testament to the precise and careful skill of the bartenders. There are also some classic options, such as “the midtown village,” Apothecary’s take on the Manhattan. It’s made with rye whiskey, as well as port wine, Italian vermouth, and a fire seared orange rind.

No one should drink on an empty stomach, and the food proves to complement the drinks exceptionally. The “celebrated magnetic wraps” ($10) come in servings of four, and are basically fresh lettuce wraps tucked with seasoned chicken, and served with a ponzu dip (superior version of soy sauce). The “American bird” ($9) is a delicious marriage of turkey breast, sharp cheddar, sliced apple and spicy mustard on focaccia. The “Turkish red delight” ($9) and the “universal panacea” are standouts as well.

Apothecary is a refreshing and new alternative to the dull and sloppily made drinks you encounter every weekend. This bar hearkens back to a time long ago when fresh, invigorating ingredients in cocktails were combined to truly balance alcohol content perfectly, without diluting the potency. Apothecary achieves this result in spades, so head on down to find a drink that’ll cure whatever ails you.

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