Another 15-Year-Old Approached By Man in West Deptford

The West Deptford Township police are investigating a second incident that involved a 15-year-old girl who was approached by a man.

The man offered the teenager a ride after she got off the school bus on Monday. No abduction was attempted, according to Police Chief Craig Mangano.

When the teenager said no, the driver left, she told police. The incident happened in the Greenfield Heights section of town.

“Due to the reported facts, this is currently being investigated as a suspicious incident and not as an attempted abduction,” said Mangano.

 The man was driving a burgundy Ford pickup truck, with either a white or gray stripe down the side. The truck had scrap metal in the back.

The first incident happened on June 6 near the Francis Avenue fields where a man approached another 15-year-old girl. But in this case, he grabbed her wrist as she was walking. She was able to break loose and ran.

The cases don’t appear to be related, according to the chief and he urged all residents to remain calm.

“These two incidents do create a need for concern amongst the police and residents, but they do not justify the need for alarm or panic,” the chief said.

Both cases are under investigation and additional patrols have been ordered during school busing hours, according to Mangano.

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