Ticked Off Bar Patron Shoots 7

A man thrown out of a Feltonville bar came back with a gun and opened fire

A man got thrown out of a Feltonville bar for bad behavior, came back with a gun Sunday morning and shot seven people, according to Philadelphia police. One of them died.

The gunman, who was in his 20s, was kicked out of the La Quinta Restaurant and Bar on 5th Street near Courtland for being unruly, according to the Daily News.

That was right after midnight. Within an hour, he was back, shooting through the restaurant's glass doors, first. Then he went straight inside and kept shooting "indiscriminately" at about 50 people inside the place, according to investigators.

He hit seven. One man, 35, took a bullet in the chest and died, according to police.

Four other men and two women were shot. Most were hit in either the arm or leg and were expected to be okay, but one man who was shot in the stomach twice was in critical condition. The gunman ran off and was still on the loose Monday morning.


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