Angelo’s in Sea Isle City is the perfect place to go if you don’t feel like cooking. It might not be the absolute best Italian restaurant on the Jersey shore, but it is a consistently solid restaurant that offers no-hassle meals for dinner and midnight snacks.

The salads, served in traditional wooded bowls, are surprisingly fresh and well put together. In fact, Angelo’s basic house salad beats many of those presented in finer establishments.

Moving on to the good stuff. Although Angelo’s skimps a little on the cheese, the pizza is coated with a sweet marinara sauce that’s delicious. So if you like soft, thin crust pies, they have just the pizza for you. The manicotti is a generous serving of piping hot stuffed pasta. Filled with ricotta and a bit of spinach, the dish is tasty but could benefit from a little extra seasoning. However, the raviolis are one of the standout dishes at Angelo’s and will definitely result in a cleared plate.


The young waitstaff and cooks appear to be fresh from the beach. These easygoing kids bring your meal with an eager smile, but don’t expect nuanced service, because it gets packed. Angelo’s has two dining rooms to suite your moods, one more intimate and formal in the back room and a pizzeria style dining area next to the kitchen in the front of the house. This room offers classic pizzeria d�cor, with crisp white tile walls and green booths. The large mural of the Italian countryside dresses up the space, keeping it from feeling too much like a cafeteria.

Since Angelo’s is centrally located in the heart of Sea Isle’s club and entertainment area, it makes for a convenient stop off point. With views of the promenade, you can scope the crowds while you chow down and gear up for the evening’s next party.

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