Reid Goes Long with the Small Talk

Head Coach Andy Reid had a lot more to talk about after Battle of the Birds.

Injury Report:
“[G] Max [Jean-Gilles] does have a broken ankle..."

Opening Remarks:
“All in all, a good football game...

On the Difference with Donovan:
"...and I just thought [QB] Donovan [McNabb] played an outstanding game..."

On how he plans to handle the situation at guard:
“Max will go on IR. This is a pretty serious injury..."

On who they would consider moving up from the practice squad:
“[T Chris] Patrick..."

On whether he wonders where the performances like last night were all season:
“I don’t go there. This is such a business of now..."

On whether the short week led to a simpler gameplan:
“The thing you get there is more repeat plays from the week before..."

On throwing more high-percentage passes early in the game:
"...they decided they were going to change against us and play a soft cover..."

On the success of the running game and whether he wants to achieve that balance going forward:
“I would say this: I like efficient balance..."

On what efficient balance is:
“Efficient balance is: say you are running the football..."

On whether he gives up on the running game faster when it’s not working than he gives up on the pass:
“(Jokingly) You’re probably going to throw a stat out of your little book..."

On the crowd’s ovation for the 3rd-and-1 conversion in the first quarter:
“I wasn’t sure it wasn’t for Eckel..."

On who told McNabb that he was coming out of the game in the fourth quarter:
“Quarterbacks coach..."

On what it means for Dawkins, McNabb and Westbrook to have big games:
“They never hung their head..."

On whether he anticipates having Asante Samuel and Correll Buckhalter back for the next game at New York:
“I think so..."

On what C/G Nick Cole brings to the team:
“Nick’s a very good athlete..."

On WR Reggie Brown not getting very many reps vs. Arizona:
“To be very honest with you..."

On how important the win was for the coaching staff:
“I thought it was important that..."

On how far Joselio Hanson has come since he joined the Eagles:
“He is a good player..."

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