Andy Reid Eagles Cardinals Press Conference On WR Reggie Brown not getting very many reps vs. Arizona

Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference

On WR Reggie Brown not getting very many reps vs. Arizona:
“To be very honest with you, I know that people say that we don’t have very many good receivers and I think a little bit differently than that. I think we have a lot of good receivers. The problem is that we had to back off of some guys so that we could get our timing back in the pass game. This is a timing passing game, precision pass game. We were rotating so many guys in there that it didn’t give the quarterback and the wide receivers an opportunity to get on the same page and get enough reps in practice. As good a player as Reggie is, we cut back his reps a little bit. That doesn’t mean that he can’t play or won’t be a factor in these games, but just so we could tighten things up a little bit in the pass game. I thought things were getting a little too diluted there.”

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