Andy Reid Eagles Cardinals Press Conference On throwing more high-percentage passes early in the game

Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference

On throwing more high-percentage passes early in the game:
“They had been a cover three team, primarily. Single safety middle, and brought one of the two safeties up into the box. Either [S Antrel] Rolle or [S Adrian] Wilson, who are both very good. Wilson is probably, if not the best in the league right now, one of the best. With that, they decided they were going to change against us and play a soft cover two, cover four, and kind of blend that in there. That’s the way they started the game for the first couple of series. With that, what that does is it limits your down-the-field throws and makes you concentrate more on catching the football and running with it in a little shorter of a passing game. Then, running the football. Those were the two things we did and that’s why you saw what you saw. Then they changed. They kind of went back as the game went on. By that time, we had a pretty decent lead.”

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