An Un-Friendly Meal

Three gunmen rob restaurant filled with teens

A Friendly’s restaurant in Cinnaminson, NJ became a very unfriendly place after three gunmen robbed the restaurant with almost 30 people inside.

The gunmen, two armed with handguns and one with a sawed-off shotgun, burst into the restaurant on Route 130 around 12:30 am Saturday morning, according to Cinnaminson Police Monday.

One of the robbers placed his shotgun to the head of a teen paying at the register while the other two charged the counter and demanded cash from the register and safe.

They then forced the 24 patrons, all of whom were teens getting food after the Palmyra High School homecoming dance, and four employees into the men’s room in the back of the restaurant.

Nerves were rattled, but no one was hurt. The robbers fled with $1,000 in cash.

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