An Intimate Discussion with the Creators of “Miss March”

Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore, who were recently in Philly to perform with “The Whitest Kids U Know,” sat down with NBC to talk about their raunchy new sex comedy “Miss March,” in theatres today.

NBC: You both wrote and directed “Miss March,” where did you come up with the idea?

Zach Cregger: Well, me personally, I came up with the idea when Fox brought us the script (laughs) and asked if we would re-write it. We agreed to do it and threw the original script out the window. There’s really nothing from the original that’s in there now, except for a coma and playmate.

NBC: This movie has some pretty no holds barred raunchy stuff, was that what you were aiming for?

Trevor Moore: We just naturally gravitate towards things that are a little darker maybe? It wasn’t an intentional thing, we weren’t like let’s make the most messed up movie we can, it was just, let’s just see what we do and put it in the story. The studio was supportive.

NBC: Much of this film revolves around Playboy. The climax was set in the mansion. Did you actually film there?

ZC: We did shoot one day at the mansion with Hef and a playmate. We also shot in other mansions. We were really hesitant about working with Playboy initially because we weren’t sure if they would be intrusive creatively, but it worked out great.

NBC: What was it like working with Hugh Hefner?

Zach: He’s sharp for an 84-year old. He makes a lot of jokes about getting laid (laughs) and was very pleasant and patient with us. He’s also loaded and he’s got monkeys and birds and all kinds of cool things going on in that place.

NBC: Why should people go see “Miss March?”

TM: People should go see “Miss March” because it’s really funny and it’s a good date movie. It’s also a good movie to go see by yourself and with people your not dating. It’s a good movie for kids, too! And if you’re a little kid reading this you should go see it anyway, even if you have to sneak in.

"Miss March" hits theater today!

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