An Accessory In Malaria Prevention

Local designer Alexander Taylor has launched a line of mosquito-themed scarves, with plans to donate part of the proceeds to the U.N. Foundation campaign Nothing But Nets.

The West Chester native, 23, first gained an interest in the campaign while studying at Parsons, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. A global, grassroots campaign, Nothing But Nets combats malaria by raising awareness and collecting funds for mosquito-repelling nets. As one of the largest killers of children in Africa, malaria claims the life of one African child every 45 seconds. Donations in the amount of $10 covers the cost of one insecticide-treated bed net, as well as its distribution and accompanying educational outreach programs.

Required by her fashion thesis to design a collection in response to Nothing But Nets, Taylor realized that by incorporating netting fabrics and mosquito graphics into her collection, she could create a garment that would spotlight the mosquito-transmitted disease.

Her clothes caught the attention of higher-ups at the U.N. Foundation: "We just thought it was wonderful that she combined her passion with spreading awareness for malaria," said Andrea Gough, manager of Nothing but Nets.

Spurred by the request of Nothing But Nets, Taylor turned her thesis project into a real business, honing in on designing pastel-colored scarves with a hidden malaria message. Manufactured by a company based out of New York, the scarves sell for $42 to $102, and are available for purchase on Taylor's Website. Keeping with her humanitarian efforts, Taylor will donate $10 from each sale to the U.N. Foundation.

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