Save the Date: Alone for the Holidays

Save The Date: Week 3

Week 3: Alone For The Holidays

Around this time of year, most singles dread those upcoming dates. You know, December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st. It becomes a time when you use your calendar more as a mirror rather than an appointment book and end up reflecting on your social life. The questions begin to flow as you ask yourself things like, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, why am I so all alone?" And, "Wouldn't it be great if I had someone to share the holidays with?” Next thing you know you have a bad case of the holiday blues. 
One thing you have to remember is, although you may be single, you are not alone.
Be a social butterfly. Surround yourself with friends and family. Attend more parties. Get out!!! For Christmas, DON'T MAIL IT IN, be there when your three year-old niece or nephew opens their gift from you.
At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, again it's more important to be with the ones you care about. So when you are with your family, substitute those kisses for hugs and handshakes. That also goes for you folks from the deep deep south. Before you know it, all that built-up anxiety/anticipation for the moment when the clock strikes 12, fades away, becoming nothing more than a distant memory. The awaited minute becomes the forgotten hour. What felt like an eternity of kissing and hugging realistically lasts all of five minutes. The celebration is over. The New Year begins. You're ready to go back to being part of the group and scoping out the social scene.
Even if you're suffering from a little "holiday-itis" don't let yourself get stuck in a rut the entire season. Maybe you don't feel like putting yourself out there on the social scene so why not grab your best girl friend(s) or guy friend(s) and exchange gifts with one another? You all could have lots of fun cooking dinner, watching movies or even playing your favorite games together!
Try being a little spontaneous. Why not visit that new hot spot you've been meaning to test out on your next road trip. One thing's for sure, I don't recommend cuddling up on the couch all alone wallowing in your festive funk.
As for New Year's, don't get caught up with the idea that everyone has that "special someone" to ring in 2009 because most likely—they don't.

When the countdown begins and the ball's about drop, just take a deep breath and say goodbye to '08.

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