All Fans Care About Is How Vick Performs

For the second straight August, Eagles brass can't escape questions about Michael Vick -- the person, not the player.
Head coach Andy Reid's first press conference at training camp this season was dominated by Vick questions.
Reid answered several patiently saying, "They cleared Michael so obviously he didn't break the law there, so..."
Reporters persisted, and Reid tried, unsuccessfully, to change the subject.
Owner Jeffrey Lurie also endured a barrage of questions about his back-up QB -- defending his decision to keep Vick.
"Showed lapse of judgment, that's a huge mistake, end of career.  I don't feel that way," Lurie said.
Vick's birthday party-turned-crime scene outside a Virginia Beach nightclub is why Vick's character is once again under scrutiny.
Reid and Banner supported Vick, while acknowledging his mistake. Vick understands he has no margin for error.
"It's not hard to live a zero tolerance life," Vick said.  "You just put yourself in the right positions and think through situations thoroughly."
NFL legend John Madden and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently held a fan forum at Eagles camp.  No topic was off limits, and not one fan asked about Vick.
So does the media care more about the Vick story than Eagles fans? Rookie safety Nate Allen thinks so.
"The world wants to see negative stuff so that's what the media goes after," Allen said.  "I think the fans just want to see good football and guys making plays out here."
Coatesville resident and Eagles fan Eric Miles realizes the media has a job to do, but is most concerned with Vick's on-field performance.
"I do want him to do well on the field…I really do. I want him to come to Philly and turn his life around to where everybody can forget that off-field stuff," Miles said.
Along with Kevin Kolb, Vick's jersey is among the biggest sellers at the training camp merchandise tent.
Kevin Romesser says fans are buying them up all day long.
"Vick was also kind of a surprise, a lot of fans are really starting to appreciate him and what he has to offer," according to Romesser.
As is often the case, opinions on Vick vary greatly, but there's one thing almost all Eagles fans can agree on.  They want to see Vick succeed on Sundays.

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