A.I. Gives Fan Wrong Answer

He skipped practice.

He carried a gun.

He had various assault charges filed against him.

In case you haven't figured it out, we're talking about Allen Iverson, former bad boy of Philadelphia.

Besides skipping practice (wait practice, are we talking about practice?), Iverson has found the answer to good behavior in recent years. Keep your mouth shut and focus on crossing over more people than an elementary school crossing guard.

Like a fine wine, Iverson has been getting better with age -- learning to shut up and maturing into on of the NBA's most recognizable ambassadors.

However on Tuesday the NBA handed Iverson an early Christmas gift fining the former 76er turned Piston $25,000 for making inappropriate remarks to a fan in the final seconds of the third quarter in Detroit's 90-86 victory over Charlotte Saturday.

This is the second time that he has been disciplined since Iverson was traded to the Pistons on Nov. 3. He was also fined and benched for choosing turkey over practice (there's that word again), on Thanksgiving Day.

Who knows what the fan said. Whether it was a bash on his mama or an ill-advised comment on the guard’s head full of cornrows that would make even the Amish jealous, Iverson was not happy.

While Detroit is asking the guard to please practice on cleaning up his Philly-style act, you better believe the big three automakers are crossing their fingers that some of that cash money goes towards their bailout plan.

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