Adsum's 2nd Four Loko Dinner in May

Michael Mustica, a 22-year-old tire salesman from New Jersey, claims that original Four Loko caused him permanent heart damage. He is suing Phusion Projects, the maker of the caffeine-laced malt liquor beverage, for an undisclosed amount.

Matt Levin of Adsum, who made national headlines when he presented a three-course dinner based around the banned beverage, says the case is without merit.

"You're telling me a 22-year-old partying in Atlantic City is blaming Four Loko for a heart arrhythmia?" said Levin. "They probably should have done a full blood work-up on him at the time to see how many other substances were in his system."

When asked if Levin had ever consumed the apparently heart-crushing two-and-a-half cans the claimant states did him in, the rockstar chef said he had not. "I had a can once. But, my servers have gone through two or three in a night, and I know one of my old sous chefs drank three of them riding the bus from NYC, and they're not dead or damage." Levin added, "This is complete bullshit."

Each can of Four Loko contains 12 percent alcohol, which translates to around three beers, and about the same amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee.

Levin is planning to host a sequel to his historic dinner sometime in May, but no date has been set. "We're doing it again, absolutely," said Levin. "I definitely support them. I would be a professional witness in the case and wear a Four Loko costume on the stand, if it would help to make sure this guy doesn't get paid for stupidity." [NBC Philadelphia, The Feast]

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