Aditi Roy Is the Best

NBC Philadelphia’s Aditi Roy is No. 1 -- news anchor in Philadelphia, that is.

Roy was named the best news anchor in the 2009 edition of Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philadelphia issue.

Why is Aditi so great?

“[She] has what was want in someone giving us the news at 5 in the morning: She’s bright, upbeat and to the point,” wrote Philly Mag. “And oh yeah -- cute as a button, too."

We admit this whole thing is a bit self-serving, but we couldn’t help giving props to one of own community. And neither could her peers.

“She wakes up at 2 a.m. and makes it seem easy. Way to go Aditi!” said fellow anchor Jamison Uhler.

Lori Wilson joked that "Aditi is the perfect combination of class and sass. And she can eat anyone under the table!”

But not everyone was gushing over the trophy winner:

"I, for one am outraged! I have been anchoring in this town for 18 years and Philly Mag has never named me Best Anchor," said a miffed Renee Chenault-Fattah."So, then along comes little, and I do mean little -- Aditi must be all of a size 0 -- Aditi Roy and she gets named Best Anchor? Give me a break! Of course the only problem is Aditi is not only smart, beautiful, and a terrific journalist, but she also has to be one of the nicest people I've ever met -- genuine to the core. So what the heck, after me and Tim, I'd name her Best Anchor too!"

Okay, so, Aditi is pretty awesome. So let’s all give it up for the girl -- even if she is shocked by all the recognition.

“I was completely stunned by it. In fact, I'm still waiting for them to tell me it was a big mistake,” said a humble Roy.

“It's such a tremendous honor, and the recognition should really be for the entire morning team – Terry Ruggles, Bill Henley, Jillian Mele, Justin Pizzi, executive producer Jennifer Wiggins, the producers, writers, editors and technicians. We're a big, happy family and the show works because everyone plays an important part. Each of us is at our best because we get to be part of such a special team. Believe it or not, it makes coming into work at 3 a.m. fun… to be recognized for doing something you love with people you respect and adore is really overwhelming,” she added.

"I feel truly blessed," she concluded.

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