The Rules of Beer Pong

Here's the low down on how to play, according to the World Beer Pong Tour.

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Here's how to play, according to The World Beer Pong Tour. Each team uses 10 cups with a starting formation of a triangle. The rims of the cups must be touching, but no tilting or leaning of cups is allowed. The tip of the triangle should be pointing toward the opposing team. The triangle must be centered on the table.
During some tournaments, players are allowed to reach over the table when shooting the ball. Each player gets one chance to shoot the ball during his or her teams turn. The ball CANNOT be bounced. It must be lobbed into the cup.
If the opposing team makes it into the cup, the cup must be removed from the table.
If a player shoots his ball before their partner’s ball is sunk or out of play, it will be a missed shot. As soon as the ball leaves the players hand it is considered in play until it has hit the table, floor, or cup.
Ball can be grabbed or swatted only after it has already made contact with a cup, but not while that ball is in the cup—“No bouncing, blowing, or fingering.”
If there is player interference prior to the ball making contact with a cup, a one-cup penalty is imposed and whomever had their shot interfered with gets to pick which cup is removed.
Two “re-racks” are allowed at 2,3,4, or 6 cups. The rack must be asked for in the beginning of the possession, not in the middle.
Cups that slide out of formation during the game can be placed back into formation during the game. This is the “courtesy rule,” if a player asks to touch the cups or put it back in formation the opponents must do so.
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If both players on the same team sink his/her shot on the same turn, that team will get one additional rollback shot. The most cups a team can make in a single possession is 3, unless during rebuttal. Either teammate can take the rollback shot.
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In the event that a player drops his or her ball into one of his or her cups, no penalty is enforced.
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If there is one cup remaining and both players make the last cup in one turn, the game is not over: the opposing team must also sing all the cups including the last cup twice to force the game into overtime.
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If the team only hit the last cup once, the other teams players will then each have the opportunity to ‘shoot until they miss’ with a chance to force overtime. Should they make all their rebuttal shots, it goes into overtime. Overtime consists of 3 solo cups in a triangle formation.
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