Time for a Little Tex-Mex

Taste the best of both worlds with a fabulous Mexican, Texan meal collaboration.

Enjoy a one of a kind meal as Percy Street Barbecue and Mexican restaurant Xochitl collaborate their finest cuisines for a four-course meal.

This unique dining experience will be held on Thursday, April 14 starting at 5 p.m. The “Tex- Mex Meal” will be served at Xochitl located at 408 South 2nd Street.

For $35 per person you can taste Chef Lucio Palazzo's tasty Mexican cuisine combined with pit-mistress Erin O’Shea’s delicious smoked meats

From Mexican mac and cheese to a smoked meat platter of beef cheek, tongue and young goat your tastebuds are sure to explode with flavor.

With two of Philadelphia’s finest chefs preparing your meal and Xochitl’s reputation of being one of the top ten Mexican restaurants in the nation in 2008, this meal can’t be anything less than delicious.

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