Philly Writer, Philly Set and a Philly Debut

Local director, writer debuted his film "Cost of a Soul" right here in Philadelphia.

Sean Kirkpatrick, a local writer and director, is preparing to release his original film “Cost of a Soul.”

Not only is Kirkpatrick from area and the film is set in Philadelphia, but the producer Edward J. Eberwine is also a local.

The low-budget film premiered on April 10, for the Philadelphia Cinefest to rave reviews.

This independent film takes place in a North Philadelphia neighborhood and tells the tale of two soldiers who return home from the war in Iraq. From a four-year-old daughter that has never met her father to trying to keep a brother out of streets, these soldiers enter a different kind of war. The life of crime they tried to escape before seems to be falling right back into their laps all over again.

Cost of a Soul” will open at 50 AMC movie theatres nationwide on May 20. Three of those theaters will be in Philadelphia.

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