A Halloween Trick No One Finds Funny

Halloween won't be the same in George Bartholomew's neighborhood.  Someone swiped hundreds of dollars worth of decorations from his front lawn.

Bartholomew really enjoys Halloween. Each year, he sets up an elaborate display for the neighborhood kids. 

Wednesday morning, the 77-year old Collegeville man woke up to find half his decorations were stolen from his front lawn.

“It’s not like a bank robbery, but it is to me,” said Bartholomew.

Batholomew installed floodlights to try and discourage thieves, but they just unplug them.

The stolen decorations are worth about $1,500.  Police are trying to track down the culprits. 

Meanwhile, Bartholomew can’t understand why anyone would play such a mean Halloween trick.

“It gets more discouraging than anything else.  I mean, you do this and everybody thinks it’s so great and the kids really like it and all this other stuff, you come up the next morning and it’s gone.  Now what do you do?” said Bartholomew.


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